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Here at Our Bathroom's, design is at the heart of what we do. From our carefully selected range of goods, we ensure that all the designs we put together are possible rather than concepts. When you fall in love with a design the last thing you want to hear is that it is not possible! With the new trends in bathrooms being very 'Instagrammie', our industry is more a design industry than ever! We are revelling in this, with our designers passionate about meeting the brief set to them, or leading whichever you prefer. Below are some kits for our SoFi range to give you an idea of options and price, we can however bespoke these to your taste. Pick a kit and visit the furniture to change the unit, add some storage by changing the mirror to a cabinet. Unusual size bath, go to baths etc. Then with your kit and changes, please contact us in the studio to change the kit for you. Our design team, with your measurements and tile choices can then also produce for you, images of your dream space!

Our Bathrooms Kits

Cloakroom Bathroom Kit 1 from £1,175.09 (close coupled)
Cloakroom Bathroom Kit 2 from £1,345.30 (back to wall)
Cloakroom Bathroom Kit 3 from £1,329.49 (wall hung)
Shower Bathroom Kit 1 from £2,283.32
Shower Bathroom Kit 2 from £2,483.31
Shower Bathroom Kit 3 from £2,548.92
Shower Bathroom Kit 4 from £2,652.92
Showerbath Bathroom Kit 1 from £2,512.63
Showerbath Bathroom Kit 2 from £2,620.46
Showerbath Bathroom Kit 3 from £2,790.06
Showerbath Bathroom Kit 4 from £2,831.66
Shower and Bath Bathroom Kit 1 from £2,825.88
Shower and Bath Bathroom Kit 2 from £3,477.89
Shower and Bath Bathroom Kit 3 from £3,797.27
Shower and Bath Bathroom Kit 4 from £4,422.07
Ultimate Bathroom Kit

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