Our bathrooms

Buyers Guide

When it comes to putting together a bathroom we have picked up a few tips over the years.  These are some of the things we consider as we put the building blocks together.

Guide to the perfect Bath for you.

When selecting your bath there a 4 main considerations.


  •  Size of the space (NEVER GUESS ALWAYS MEASURE)
  • Use i.e does it double up as a shower
  • Practicality vs aesthetics
  • Type, function, style and budget you have.
The space available is obvious to many we have found with the right bath you can get away with 1500mm x 700mm as a shower bath.  If you are looking to use the bath as a shower bath and the space is available why not go wider?


often in design we weigh up practicality against the look we are going for this is a decision you may have to make though there are some good compromises, have you seen our acrylic corner freestanding bath?  This is often the answer to having a freestanding bath when you do not have the room and can even double up as a shower bath.


When it comes to style the obvious decision is traditional vs modern, however with the painted bath becoming more and more popular it no longer ends there.


Guide to the perfect Furniture for you.

When selecting your furniture there a 4 main considerations.


  •  Size of the space (NEVER GUESS ALWAYS MEASURE)
  • Storage required
  • practicality vs aesthetics
  • Type, function, style and budget you have.

When it comes to furniture it can often be used to fill a space, it has the advantage of making that space useful by turning it into a storage area too.  


Often it can be the opposite you may have to overcome, not having the space needed.  We have a basin at only 450mm wide offering what we consider a good size basin for a family bathroom, often gets us out of a spot!


The sit on bowl is lovely to look at however be aware it is not as practical and may be best suited in a cloakroom over a family bathroom.


When it comes to Style the furniture should often be considered in conjunction with the tiles etc.

Guide to the perfect Shower for you.

When selecting your shower there a 4 main considerations.


  •  Size of the space (NEVER GUESS ALWAYS MEASURE)
  • Functionality required
  • Boiler type/ pressure you have 
  • Type, function, style and budget you are going for

We find certain shower types are suited to certain sizes smaller than 1200mm best for a  hinged/quadrant shower 1200mm to 1700mm ideal for a slider 1700mm and larger fixed panel often is the best choice.  


When selecting the valve of the shower ensure your pressure is sufficient for your choice! then what you would like a fixed head, this is nonmoveable so will not allow rinsing out the shower.  Smaller shower heads often give better pressure 


 Less functions a shower is capable of generally the cheaper it will be. After these requirements are filled choose what you like the look of.

Guide to the perfect toilet for you.

When selecting your toilet there are 4 things to consider.


  • Position of the soil pipe.
  • Options for mounting the cistern.
  • Space available in the room.
  • Type, function, style and budget you are going for.


When it comes to the soil pipe, this pipe relies on gravity so must have a fall to function.  This creates some limitations on where it can be moved to (without massively impacting on your budget).  Soil pipes can be internal or external again having an impact on your choice.  If internal often boxing is required, this can however be built into your design as this can now create a cavity.


With back to wall and wall hung toilets, they require a concealed cistern and in the wall hung case also a frame.  These need to be mounted somewhere!  This needs to be considered, often stud walls provide a good place for these. The boxing in of the pipework also offers an opportunity to incorporate the cistern in the box too.  Cisterns can also be built into a solid wall this will however usually have a large impact on budget.  Final option is to use a matching decorative case and surface mount the cistern. 


Weighing up the options with the cistern is often the point that tells you which toilet you require!


When it comes to the space in the room, this is usually linked to small spaces.  If you have a small space it is often the smallest toilet you will go for.  When considering the smallest toilet, it is often considered in conjunction with mounting your cistern.  If you can mount your cistern in a stud wall a back to wall or wall hung would be a good option.  If you have to surface mount the cistern the close coupled toilet is now the smaller option.


Though in the case of a large space you may also consider filling that space with a large box covering a cistern to fill the space.


Now we have covered the practicality of choosing your toilet, we now look at the bit people think choosing a toilet is about.  Type you like close coupled, wall hung or back to wall, if all of these are still an option which do you prefer. Function, the number of times I hear a toilet is a toilet!  To these people I say try a smart toilet, heated seat, extractor, self-flushing, built in bidet the list goes on, having one at home I am a fan but often due to budget these are not for everyone. The part of function everyone should consider is best summed up in one word “Quality”.  If a toilet is too cheap be careful your toilet seat is one of the most used parts in the house often having upwards of 100kg’s dropped on it and increasing if the news is anything to go by.  With toilets the importance of availability of a replacement seat that fits is important!  In our studio I cannot tell you how many times people have come in looking for a seat for an odd, shaped toilet I cannot help with.


Now the fun bit style, what is the overall design goal.  The most obvious is modern or traditional but the full picture should be considered such as colour scheme often linked to the button etc.  The budget is an obvious consideration too.  If you are trying to look after your budget it is our experience that the difference between a well-priced quality bathroom and the bathroom of your dreams can add up to thousands.  This is often made up of £20 here £20 there!  Though it is also a good idea to consider the overall and make sure when you spend more you get more.  The total cost of a bathroom for most people is a material amount and there is and acceptable amount between a quality bathroom and a dream bathroom I would be willing to pay. If this is not you then aim for a quality bathroom and save some money!



Guide to the perfect taps for you.

When selecting your taps there are 3 considerations.


  • Matching up with the design and layout 
  • Depth of any wall cavity or otherwise for compatibility
  • Type, function, style and budget you are going for.

Often your design requires a certain configuration to function ensure you select the correct one!  Make sure they are compatible with the area they are going into best to confirm this with the fitter. 

 Often most can be fitted to most places but there can be a cost implication from your fitter.  Once you have checked this it is down to what you like the look of.

Guide to the perfect heating for you.

When selecting your heating consider .

  • The space you are heating  larger space needs more heating 
  • Consider underfloor heating as you are generally covering your towel rail this reduces it output 
  • For longevity stainless steel is always king however has a lower heat output so go larger .
  • Design, these can be used as a design feature piece

Guide to the perfect accessories for you.

When selecting your accessories there are 2 considerations.



  • Size of the space to fill.
  • Type, function, style and budget you are going for.
When choosing your accessories you should consider size and make sure all heating options are matched to the room size.  
Mirrors and cabinets compliment your other choices and provide the look and functionality you require.  If they require electricity you need to ensure you have it to operate and discuss with your fitter.

Guide to the perfect Tiles for you.

When selecting your Tiles consider.

  • The space you are looking to cover, you do not have to cover the entire bathroom.
  • How many tiles you wish to use in the room
  • Tile sizes to suite the space .
  • As one of the biggest visual parts to a bathroom these are an important decision.