Our bathrooms

Product guarantees

Though it is design that is at the heart of what we do,  we also understand that quality and longevity are a given when it comes to selecting products.  Our products are selected from our trusted manufacturers and we offer the following warranties on our online items.

See the table below for full details.



Product Type 

Guarantee Period 

Accessories 1 year 


20 years


5 years

Mirrors (electrical) 5 years 
Shower Enclosures20 years
Shower Heads 1 year
Shower Trays 10 years
Smart Toilet2 years 
Taps20 years**
Thermostatic Showers 20 years**
Toilets 20 years
Vanity Units 5 years 

Toilet seats

1 year

**“Taps and Thermostatic Shower” guarantee does not cover thermostatic or diverting cartridges as the functionality depends on the water conditions and the periodical maintenance and cleaning recommended.