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Design is at the heart of everything we do at Our bathrooms studio.  This is what we are passionate about and look forward to bringing your dreams to fruishion.

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Here at 'Our Bathrooms' advice is free, so why not give us a call? Sadly for my wife I really love talking bathrooms, so give her a break from listening to it and call, we really are passionate about bathroom design.

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We work very hard to develop the website as a user friendly tool to let you put your dream bathrooms together. Call us and we are confident we can show you how it works to put together your dream bathroom from a different combination of our packages.

Design by Whatsapp

We embrace technology at 'Our Bathrooms' and Whatsapp has been our customers most popular choice for this. We do also offer the same service through email if you prefer.

Get out you crayons and give us your best kids drawing of your space (it's the measurements, windows and doors that we are interested in) Don't be shy we have seen some 'interesting' creations.

Then select 3 images of bathrooms that appeal to you on a design front, we suggest Pinterest or google for inspiration. This helps us see what you are trying to achieve.
We will then take it from there! We can put together a proposed design and a quote to go along side it. Once you've had a chance to go over it we can then book an appointment to fine tune it and get it ordered.

For this we charge £150, coming off any order over £1500.

Our Gold Package

This is very similar to our 'Whatsapp' package, however we do include a site visit to measure up for you.

For this we charge £395, coming off any order over £1500.

This service is only available in areas local to the Studio.