Our bathrooms

Some of Our Work

We have put together a selection of work from some of our previous clients.  This should give you an idea of what we do and some inspiration towards creating your space.

Clean but not clinical !

The white brassware alows for the clean look with the aqua tiles just removing the clinical look.

Cloakroom with colour

Colour fun and bright make something of a small space.

Best response on social media

This design has been our biggest hit on social media to date 

Subtle blend of wood ,gold and marble

For this client the breif was  based around getting a lot into a small space with focus on a double basin and freestanding bath .

Summed up in the word "Blue"

Small loft space where the brief was 2 words blue and storage.

Aqua love at first site

The client fell for the tiles and the bathroom was designed around the tiles chosen.  This is one tile where our designs do not capture the pop of the tile.  This did look amazing in the flesh.

Goldern cloak bathroom

Gold may not be everyones taste, however I think this is stunning and definatly a topic for discussion around the dinner table.  After all that is often the goal with the cloakroom.

Corner bathroom

Here we had to make the shape of the room work for us. using the awkward wall with the door as a viewing point to the bathroom.

Bathroom of many textures

One of my favorites,  the client supplied an image of a clear vision but wanted it up to date so with the addition of the smart toilet and the ceiling-mounted showerhead  and as many textures and finishes as possible this was born.