Cold Water Filter Tap Stainless Steel “U”

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This stainless steel filtered water tap will ensure that you always have the freshest water straight from your tap. That means no more cumbersome filter jugs in your fridge and no more having to buy bottled water.

Enjoy perfectly pure, filtered water straight from your tap, helped along by the Pure FlowPro feature. The Pure FlowPro attaches to the pipework and shows you how much life is left in your filter in three measures: by days, litres or a live flow rate—all shown on a digital monitor.

The monitor will beep twice when the capacity falls to less than 30 gallons—notifying you to change the filter—which couldn’t be a simpler task. This will not only save you money but also help to ensure your home is as environmentally friendly as possible; reducing the wasting of filters that might still have some life left. The battery-powered monitor turns off when it detects that there’s been no water flow for 10 seconds too, so you won’t need to worry about changing the batteries every five minutes!


• High quality stainless steel finish
• Single flow filtered cold water – filters out all the impurities of tap water
• Includes Pure FlowPro – lets you know exactly when your filter needs changing
• Includes filter and connectors
• 360° swivel spout
• Minimum 0.3 bar water pressure required
• Compatible with water softeners and reverse osmosis systems
• Ceramic disc technology – no more drips

• Overall height – 293mm
• Spout exit height – 201mm
• Projection – 186mm
• Mounting hole diameter – 35mm