Our bathrooms

How it works, select your kit that works with your design. We have found 90% of our bathrooms can be made up of our kits with some small tweaks;

These are the other 10% so please call us 01483 841 811 or 07791800548

***Remember we are here to help with any stage of this so feel free to call***

Ultimate bathroom kit

As there are so many combinations for this we would say this this consists of the OTHER 10% and it is best to work with us to give you your options.

Kit Brassware Colour Options

When it comes to brassware options there are many colours over and above our 4 standard in the kits so we can explore this with you.

***When going for coloured finishes it is worth considering a water softener***

Handle Upgrades

Many handles and styles to choose from too!  We use most major manufacturers in our designs so if you are after something particular let us know.

Our SoFi range is a selection of product from the major manufacturers selected for their quality first and foremost, depth of range, proven track record and value.  These are branded products ensuring spare parts are available from not only us but their manufacturer to ensuring you have options when it comes to spares down the line.