Our bathrooms

How it works, select your kit that works with your design. We have found 90% of our bathrooms can be made of out kits with small tweeks;

1. Select the kit that fits your requirements
2. Select the colour of the brassware for your kit (being an increasingly popular design choice we include this as a kit option)
3. Select your handle upgrade if required
4. Tweek this colour, sizes of components, toilet type etc to customise your kit to your design. This should be done in conjunction with choosing your tiles.
5. We recommend at this stage having a design drawn up for you not only to confirm your choice but also to act as a guide to your fitter is to help avoid the "I thought that was what you meant" conversation at the end!

***Remember we are here to help with any stage of this so feel free to call***

Cloakroom Bathroom kit 3

Consisting of :

  • SoFi wall hung toilet
  • SoFi 850mm high frame
  • SoFi Flush plate
  • SoFi 450mm Compact Wall Hung Right Hand Basin and unit in matt white 
  • 500mm pill shaped non electric Mirror
  • SoFi round basin tap and waste

*** The difference between the cloakroom kits is the toilet setup ***

Kit Brassware colour options

Cloakroom bathroom kit 3 in CHROME


Cloakroom bathroom kit 3 in MATT BLACK


Cloakroom bathroom kit 3 in METALLIC GREY


Cloakroom bathroom kit 3 in BRUSHED BRASS


*** When selecting coloured finishes, it is worth considering a water softener ***

Handle Upgrades

Smooth handles included as standard
Fluted handles upgrade


Knurled handles


Our SoFi range is a selection of products from the major manufacturers selected for their quality first and foremost, depth of range, proven track record and value.  These are branded products ensuring spare parts are available from not only us, but their manufacturer to ensuring you have options when it comes to spares down the line.